STiFF For Your Ears

Stiff offers three 100 watt two channel heads on the same chassis platform All three models have the same clean channel and the same output stage and FX loop. Channel switching can be activated on the front panel and the FX loop can be activated on the back panel. Plugging in the remore footswich moves the channel/FX loop switching to the floor.

Fist Pump

Fist Pump is a "Revolution" of an amplifier with improved sustain and mids.


90-AD will remind the player of the 1980s hard rock tones.


Dirthead is a very high gain amp with great sustain and a little "sludge" thrown in for good measure. For the player that wants a "darker" tone.

General Amp Audio

Just some more sample audio for you to check out!

FP Overdrive Riffs
FP Chunky Tone
FP Lead Tone
90-AD Overdrive Riffs
90-AD Chunky Tone
90-AD Lead Tone
DH Overdrive Riffs
DH Chunky Tone
DH Lead Tone
StiFF Clean

Psychoplex Tapeless Tape Echo

Psycoplex Analog Delay

Repeat Offender Echoplex